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Chelsea Heights FC

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Chelsea Heights Football Club’s home is located at Beazley Reserve on Thames Promenade, Chelsea Heights. The club plays in the Southern Football League in Metropolitan Melbourne. Historically, the club made its ground in the now redundant South West Gippsland Football League, where it played teams from the Mornington Peninsula and Westernport Bay areas.

More recently, success has come in the SFL, with the club celebrating Senior Premierships at Division 3 level in 1995, and Division 2 in 2000. Since establishing itself in Division 1 in 2001, Chelsea Heights has featured regularly at the business end of the season, having appeared in finals between 2002-2005, and just missing out in the last two seasons.

The club is constantly striving to go one step further. With a strong level of committment by all concerned, could this year be “The Year of the Heights”.

Benefits of Display Cabinets

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Benefits of Display Cabinets

Having display cabinets in a business or home comes with many benefits, and, there are many styles and types to choose from that can meet any interior design theme. These are ideal for storing and displaying your belongings or merchandise for sale, such as souvenirs, awards and trophies, or delicate shop items, such as figurines, glassware, or jewelry.

The style of display cabinets does play a large part in the benefits you’ll gain, especially in regards to aesthetics, as some cabinets have a combination of glass and wood that is very stylish. In fact, glass can be mounted on the sides of cabinets as well as the front, so that it offers a fuller view of the items you wish to display.

Being able to offer a better view of the products on display in retail stores actually increases the chance customers will purchase what they see. And, in this regard, having a display cabinet that is strategically displayed in-store, with the latest new products, will almost certainly generate more sales.

Reasons Why Display Cabinets are Ideal for Home and Store

Basically, display cabinets effectively keep things organized as per your needs, whether it is for home or store use. The transparent glass leaves no items out-of-sight, instead, everything can be clearly seen, even when decorative display glass is used to further highlight artwork, showpieces, or other valuables. Display cabinets for store use can also be equipped with light fixtures or LED strips to draw customers’ attention to the wares inside.

Modern display cabinets are perfect for home use too, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, as you can clearly see everything you need, without having to reach inside to look around. Whether it is for home or business use, display glass cabinets are the perfect choice because these come in all sizes and shape, and can meld with any interior design theme.